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"Rotem offers a heartfelt, searching quality on this exciting double-disc endeavor, evident in his compositions, melodic interpretation and spacious improvisational approach."

- Alex Rodriguez, Downbeat

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"Rotem has a gorgeous fog of a tone, evoking images of vintage Ben Webster with his gorgeous gasp, and he teams it up with a creative mix as he employs violinist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, pianist Miro Sprague, bassist Alex Boneham, drummer Roberto Giaquinto and guest guitarist Jeff Parker and vocalist Erin Bentlage for a collection of rich impressions."

- George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Serenading the Future - Jazz Weekly Ringer of the

"Daniel Rotem’s sound on his horn is breathy, warm and wonderful... When I hear youthful and gifted musicians like these carrying on the legacy of jazz, I am encouraged."

- Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs

Serenading the Future - Musical Memoirs Review

"Its {'Serenading the Future'} framework is a simple one that allows a lovely, expressive emergent behavior from all involved. The multicultural cast all contribute as equal parts to the whole without needing any big showcases, and the music itself is a subtly eloquent exhibit for its themes of optimism and being present in the moment." 
- Geno Thackara, All About Jazz

Serenading the Future - All About Jazz

"A far more Zen inspired set than you would expect from an Israeli, Rotem is apparently wise beyond his years as he comes out with a double cd for his second recording and fills it with a lushness that almost takes it beyond categorization."

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Serenading the Future - Midwest Record Review

"One of the charms of the new generation of jazz artists is that they have returned to an emphasis of melody, a forgotten art at times, while still retaining fire in the belly. Rotem and his ideas, both new and newer, were shown to be worth exploring this drizzly night in Little Tokyo."

(Daniel Rotem Ensemble featuring John Beasley at the Blue Whale)

- George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Daniel Rotem Ensemble at Blue Whale Jazz Weekly Review

"A mature statement and one of which its creator can be justifiably proud, Serenading the Future sets a considerably high bar for whatever Rotem might do next."

- Ron Schepper, Textura

Serenading the Future Textura Review