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"What an excellent record. Smart, calm, organized, inspired. It knows what it wants to do.  It's clarifying to re-hear and de-hear Coltrane's themes, separated from their original attachments-- but this record for me is very much about Daniel Rotem's playing and arranging, and the sound of
his band."--Ben Ratliff

“The centered glow in their version of "Moment's Notice" should serve as a marker: this isn't an effort to play up the pyrotechnics in Coltrane's music, but rather the spiritual core.”--Nate Chinen (WBGO)

“To hear and feel the honesty pouring out of an artist's soul with such authenticity is rare, and breathtaking.”--Jim Worsley (All About Jazz)

“Saxophonist Daniel Rotem celebrates the legacy of John Coltrane, approaching the jazz legend’s immortal music from the spiritual side.”--JAZZIZ

“This is very beautiful and reflective music. It's hard to personalize music as strong as Trane's but Daniel has done a great job.  These are very thoughtful and loving.”--Bill Pierce

“This album sounds wonderful! I like what Daniel is doing with Coltrane’s music and the band is of course beautiful. Daniel has a really nice sound, and I think it’s refreshing that he doesn’t beat the music over the head in the typical way but rather let the saxophone speak it’s full range of colors and textures without pretense.”--Ralph Moore

“Awesome recording. Pure inspiration. I love the space and the way Daniel takes his time. Poetry in sound.”--Jerry Bergonzi

“Daniel’s new CD sounds beautiful. I really appreciate his tone and considerate approach to playing. The material and his take on it works so

very well. Bravo!”--Bob Mintzer

“Rotem gives a salute to jazz legend John Coltrane, but not in a note-for-note impersonation. That would almost be impossible, as the tenor saxist has a much warmer and breathier tone than ‘Trane. He also does an impressive job of reworking and tweaking a few of the pieces.”--George Harris (Jazz Weekly)

“The approach to some of these seven Coltrane numbers is determinedly unconventional.”--JAZZWISE

"Moment's Notice"


"Just For The Love"

Wise One: Celebrating the Music of John Coltrane live at Sam First
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